Saturday, March 8, 2008

Honeymoon Hussey

“I had the best orgasm of my life on my wedding night, but it wasn’t with my husband”. We had a great wedding ceremony where the tears, laughs, fun and champagne flowed freely. My husband and I were both nicely toasted when we left in our limo. The plan was to have the wedding night at a hotel near the airport and then fly out to Tahiti in the morning.

We arrived at the hotel and were shown to our room. The perfect day had combined with the alcohol to put me in the mood for sex as never before. I practically attacked my husband pinning him to the bed and kissing him with a passion I had never done before. I knew I needed cock and I needed it five minutes ago! I had him naked before you could blink an eye and was giving him the blowie of his life. Unfortunately the alcohol had also had an effect on him and I could only get him to half mast.

I could only think of one thing that might work. “Wait right here honey” I said “I’ve got something that will make your cock harder than it’s ever been”. I went into the bathroom with one of bags that contained the lingerie I was planning on surprising him with on our first night in Tahiti. I wore an all white lace slip with a stockings and a garter. I felt so sexy as I caught sight of myself in the mirror - think"> this. I fixed my make up, pushed up my C-cup breasts and exited the bathroom with a need to be fucked like never before. To my displeasure I discovered that in the ten minutes I was gone hubby had managed to put on a porn video and to fall fast asleep, snoring as he always did when he’d had too much to drink.

“Honey” I cooed crawling up the bed still feeling horny and sexy in my out fit “oh Hon-neyyyy”. No reaction. I tried nudging him, I tried holding his nose, I tried shaking him, hell I even tried taking his limp member in my mouth and waking him up in a way he’d never forget. None of it worked. He simply went on snoring, every now and then nearly stirring, mumbling something incoherent and going happily back to snoring.

I myself couldn’t sleep. I was red hot, my pussy was dripping and my nipples were so hard I couldn’t stop playing with them. I lay next to my husband for a while staring blankly at the television, idly playing with my punani. Eventually I opened a bottle of champagne from the mini bar and poured myself a glass as I sat on the bed. I phoned room service and ordered some chocholate fondue and strawberries. “What the hell” I thought “it’s my wedding night”.

After a couple more glasses I began to focus on what was on the television. A girl was being fucked three ways into Sunday by the biggest cock I had ever seen. My husband was probably of average size, as had been the few other men I’d slept with before him. The drink, my horniness and the massive slab of man meat on the screen in front of me got me wondering what it would be like to fuck a big dick. I started to play with myself again with one hand up my slip furiously circling my clit and the other rubbing my tummy I caught sight of the champagne bottle out of the corner of my eye and had an idea.

I couldn’t believe what I was about to do as I reached over with my left hand, my right still rubbing my clit and brought the neck of the champagne bottle to my pussy. The bottle was nearly full and I spilled champagne all over my lips, the cold fizz sending a shiver through my body. I brought the champagne bottle to my opening and - feeling so slutty and dirty and so damn horny - prepared to penetrate myself with this inanimate object.

I was ready to come right then and there when suddenly there was a knock at the door. I sat bolt upright swiftly replacing the champagne bottle to the bedside table like a naughty child caught with her hand in the cookie jar. I had forgotten about room service! I was quite flustered by being interrupted at such an intimate moment and without thinking went straight and answered the door. The look on the bellhop’s face reminded me what I was wearing. He was a young guy of about 21, about 6 foot tall with a three day growth. I was still horny as hell and seeing as though he was cute I thought I’d have some fun with this guy before I sent him back to the front desk with a story for his colleagues.

“Come on in” I said playfully turning around and leading the way letting him check out my arse – I spent hours on the stair master so I knew it was worth his while looking.

“Ah okay” he responded, mouth agape and following my toned lingerie clad arse. "Just set it there" I said. Once again the look on his face reminded me of just what he was looking at. My husband lay spread eagled on the bed but naked with a porno playing on the television. I felt a sharp stab of embarrassment before thinking (I’m sure in an alcohol assisted way) “what the hell I’ll never see him again”. Plus I was really enjoying watching him squirm as he kept trying (and failing) not to check me out.

“Well if there’s nothing else I can do for you, I ah, guess I’ll be off” he said in a slightly suggestive manner.

I hadn’t had all my fun yet though. “Well let me get you a tip sugar” I said. Slipping into my heels to give my walk that sexy look they give my legs I strutted over to my purse and accidentally-on-purpose knocked it to the ground “oh clumsy me” I said turning my back to the sexy stranger and bending over. I felt so naughty and dirty as I knew my slip was short enough to give him a view of my pantieless arse. I fancied he might even be able to see my dripping snatch as I fossicked in my purse for longer than was necessary to pull out a $10 note.

I sidled up to him and emboldened put the $10 note in my cleavage and stood in front of him. His eyes nearly popped out of his head. He then got up real close to me and as he took the note from my décolletage I felt something hard up against my belly. I looked down to see a sizeable tent poking out of his pants. “Holy shit it’s huge” I thought to myself. It was my turn for my eyes to pop out of my head and I looked up at him standing tall over me with my mouth wide open. He looked at me with such a cocky expression but I knew then as the porn actress on the television began to conspicuously climax that I had to have that cock.

My hand went immediately to his crotch and unzipped his pants. I pulled it out and gasped aloud at what I saw. This thing was as thick as my wrist. And must have been at least eight inches long. The bulbous cockhead capped off his impressive and rigid member. He smiled at me knowingly as I looked up at him “What an arrogant bastard” I thought but we both knew that he could give me something that my husband couldn’t. As if to confirm this some of my juices started running down my leg.

He knew just what I wanted too. He grabbed me roughly and turned me around. He bent over the foot of the bed “I’m going to fuck you in front of your husband bitch” he told me. I had never been taken or talked to like this and it turned me on so much “but first you have to beg me”.

Such arrogance but I had to have it. I was his little sex slave and he knew it “Oh please, please fuck me with that big fat cock” I pleaded “I need it so bad”

He slipped the tip in my sopping cunt and began just teasing me with the first quarter inch of his amazing cockhead. I tried to push back against him but he only withdrew further. I was red hot as he kept this up for a few minutes “put it all in” I implored “I can’t stand this much longer”

“You want all this big cock huh?”
“Oh yes god yes” just stick it in you arrogant fuck I thought as he continued to use only the tip in my opening. I pinched my own nipples as I craved the release that only that throbbing big cock could give me.

“You have to ask me to give you what your husband never could.”

“That cocky arsehole” I thought. “I should tell him to fuck off”. I didn’t want to give him the satisfaction, nor did I want to demean the man I loved. But I was too far gone. He knew and I knew that his big dick meant that he could indeed give me something my husband never could. I felt bad for my husband but I had to do this. “Please give me that big dick. Please fill me up like my husband never can. Oh I need it so bad baby” I said whatever I had to just to get that fact cock inside me.

With that he slammed his massive ramrod to the hilt with one stroke. I had never been so full and I screamed so loud I can’t believe my husband didn’t wake up. I looked at him to make sure, he only stirred slightly but then went back to snoring. My big cock stud started to fuck me slowly drawing back four or five inches and then sliding it all the way in again. With each stroke I moaned my pleasure. I had never experienced cock like this. My husband was good in bed but he simply couldn’t satisfy me like this. If my husband drew back four or five inches he would nearly be out of me but the cock I had in me now was still filling me up no matter where he was in the stroke. I bit down on the blankets as I felt myself beginning to come as I never had before.

And then he started to fuck me hard. He grabbed my hair yanking my head back and pounded me just like in the porno I had seen. I just could not stop coming. For fifteen minutes he fucked me like his life depended on it. I had never been fucked so hard and his thickness was like nothing I’d ever felt before. All I could see as I bounced up and down from the punishment he seemed intent on inflicting on me was my husband snoring away; his flaccid penis looking so pathetic, I felt awful thinking it but it was true: bigger is better. Then that arrogant cunt with his magnificent cock pulled out of me and came all over my slip with nothing more than a groan.

With a slap on my arse and a “later slut” he left me bent over the bed with my cunt ripped open. My pussy sore and feeling physically drained I could only crawl up the bed, put my head on the pillow and fall fast asleep.

My husband was awake before me and when he saw me stir next to him he said “Wow, I was so bombed I can’t even remember last night.”

I fiddled with his mini member using my thumb and forefinger as I remembered the mighty cock I had received the night before. Without batting an eye lid I told him “I had the fuck of my life last night baby.”

He smiled at me as his cock started to inflate to its thin six inch capacity and I could see his ego starting to grow right then and there. I smiled too remembering the real cock I had had only hours ago. “This thing will never do” I thought to myself; working him with two fingers and my thumb I glanced at the champagne bottle sitting on the bedside table.

Hens Night Humiliation

I always knew I was under-endowed but I was happy to believe my girlfriend when she said that size didn’t matter. That was before last Friday night.

My girlfriend Cess’ sister (Julie) was getting married on the Sunday so the girls had a Hens’ Night on the Friday. If you’ll permit me a little vanity I’d like to say that apart from my rather small genitals I have a pleasing appearance to the female eye. I work out regularly and stand at 6 foot in the old scale with a muscular frame that was the envy of all of Cess’ friends. It was for this reason that the girls asked me to act as drinks waiter for the evening. The fact this involved me wearing nothing but an apron certainly didn’t discourage me – showing off my body in front of a room full of women just fed my vanity, while I still had any.

The night was basically about ten of the brides’ girlfriends sitting around a hired penthouse suite in fluffy white bath robes drinking strawberry daiquiris and eating chocolate (and if I may add passing comments on the shapeliness of my buttocks after a few of the daiquiris had gone down). Things began to get a bit more risqué as two of Cess’ loudmouthed friends Chanel and Marie got drunker.

“Present time!” Chanel announced at about a quarter to midnight. Marie came out of one of the bedrooms with an armful of gift wrapped parcels for the bride. The presents would be considered quite naughty and I at that stage of the evening I was glad I came. The first few presents were lingerie that the bride to be could wear on the wedding night. Cess and Julie were both stunning brunettes with tight bodies and C cup chests – and they were so alike that they were sometimes mistaken for twins. Getting to behold Julie modelling this lingerie was a perk of the job I must say. That is until I was caught by Cess, her look said to me “I’m not making a scene now but you’re in trouble when we get home”.

Things began to take a downward spiral from there. The next few presents were dildos. The 8” wild lover, garnering appreciative coos from the audience then a pink 9” rubber cock which set them off giggling. “You’ll need this on those cold lonely nights Julie” quipped Chanel. Finally a smaller dildo was produced. On the packaging it said 5 inch mini penis.

“Mini is right” said Marie “hope you’re not stuck with one of those for the rest of your life Julie” all the girls laughed uproariously. With a pang in my stomach I realised that the dildo was roughly my size. Glancing at Cess I noticed that though she had laughed along with the rest she had gone beet red and avoided eye contact with me. I thanked god at that stage for the apron that concealed my embarrassing package.

A number of ‘joke’ gifts followed: a gimp mask, a pair of handcuffs, edible underwear, a bottle of no holes barred lube and the final present was a blow up rubber woman. “And this” cackled Chanel “is for Dave when Julie has a headache!” This set them off laughing all over again.

At that moment there was a ring on the room’s door bell and Chanel quckly ran to the door exclaiming “That will be the stripper!”

“We agreed no stripper” said Cess echoing my thoughts

“Aw come on” said Marie reflecting the general sentiments of everyone else in the room. “It’s her last night of freedom”

There wasn’t any further discussion possible because Chanel had already turned on the music as the stripper began performing his routine. I made myself scarce lurking in the kitchenette but couldn’t help keeping half an eye on proceedings. The girls were only to happy to touch as the stripper gradually lost his clothing. When he got down to his g-string he called out with obvious relish “who wants to see a cock?”.

“Meeeeeeeee” replied the drunken gaggle of girls in front of him. He dropped his g-string handing it to the bride revealing a cock that hung lower than any I had seen in any men’s changeroom. The huge dick was met with an awed hush by the girl’s present.
“Oh my fucking god!” yelled Marie “how big is that thing”

“Seven inches soft” replied the stripper “who wants to see it hard?” he asked the throng enthusiastically. I looked at my girlfriend Cess who was staring at the stripper’s flaccid cock as if in a trance – so much so that she didn’t join in the infantile refrain of “meeeeeeeeee” that broke out from all else present.

“Well he’s a little shy, and he needs some encouragement” said the stripper “how about some encouragement for my little friend girls?”

“Little I don’t think” added Marie before joining in the chant of “Get it up, get it up, get it up” that had broken out among the group. The stripper began to work his cock and soon it was standing straight out - too heavy to sit above parallel with the ground - his fully erect monster cock enraptured the audience.

“Oh my god, it’s as thick as a coke can!” exclaimed Chanel. She then picked up the pink rubber cock and held it next to stripper’s huge erection. “You know where to go on those cold nights now girl” she said to Julie.

“It’s thicker than a coke can honey, you want to measure?” answered the stripper provocatively bending over to both show off his toned buttocks and also to produce a tape measure from the pocket of the pants he had cast aside earlier. “Holy shit!” yelled Chanel reporting on her measurement “29cm long” she then measured the girth “OH! MY! GOD! 21 centimetres! That’s like eight inches” she added in a quieter and almost venerable aside.

I myself could hardly take my eyes off the cock that was on display, it was bigger than anything I’d even seen in porn. I broke my jealous gaze to look at Cess who was still staring at this cock that dwarfed mine - the comparison would be like a Mastiff next to a Chihuahua. What I also noticed was that one of her hands had found her crotch and was tracing small circles.

Meanwhile the stripper had coated his cock in whipped cream. “Who wants a lick?” he asked. I thought him an arrogant prick but knew that if I was so blessed I would probably do the same. Chanel and Marie were the first up and they had no hesitation in licking every last skerrick of cream off the monster cock before them. In fact to my shock every girl did. Cess was last in the circle and her eyes hadn’t left the stripper’s monster since he’d got it out. He approached her with the whipped cream aerosol poised “you ready for a taste sweety?” he asked. Following an embarrassed glance at me Cess demurely declined much to the consternation of the girls that were present. The sight of the 11 inch monolith had seemed to either erase their memory that I was there or just stopped them from giving a shit.

I was glad that when Cess had glanced at me she hadn’t noticed the protrusion in my apron that was my fully erect cock. I couldn’t believe that I was so hard. I also couldn’t believe when I had found myself disappointed that Cess hadn’t licked the strippers cock.

After the hung stripper left the girls were in a frenzy. “More daiquiris!” demanded one. “Hey where’s our drinks boy?” another yelled. “Get out here Guy and shake your money maker!” demanded Chanel.

I came out of the kitchenette with a semi erect cock which I hoped was conspicuous and a tray full of drinks. The girls hands had become a hell of a lot busier since the stripper had completed his act. I received numerous spanks on my bare butt and was constantly referred to as “drinks boy!”. I felt like a topless waitress in a low class strip joint and for some reason I had to try my utmost to suppress a resulting erection.

Soon though slapping my arse wasn’t enough. “Hey Gu-uyyy” began Marie “we’ve seen that cute little arse of yours now lets see what you’re packing”

“The definition of a man falls solely between his legs, aint that right girls?” said Chanel to the smiling agreement of her friends “so let’s see it Guy.”

I was fully erect from this teasing but if any of the girls noticed they didn’t say anything. That was part of the reason I was reluctant to reveal my small cock – particularly after such a monster was just on display. “Come on girls it’s a Cess only show that one” I said trying to deflect the situation with a little humour and also get some support from Cess. Unfortunately my girl just sat there hoping nobody was noticing her blush.

“Well you don’t have much of a choice anyway” said Chanel grabbing a hold of my apron. Before I could do anything she had torn it off leaving me scrabbling to cover my privates with both hands. “Come on Guy let’s see it. Who wants to see another cock girls?” she asked the party

“Meeeeeeeeee” they all replied again

“Come on Guy no one’s expecting you to be as big as the last guy” said Julie supportively “but you may as well let us all see”. I looked at Cess who only nodded almost imperceptibly.

I took my hands away and my semi erect member sat there not breaking much more than three and half inches. The reaction was the most humiliating thing that has ever happened to me in my life - but worse was to follow. There was stunned silence for a few seconds then the laughing started. “Well I’ve had two firsts tonight” remarked Marie “I seen the biggest I ever seen and now the smallest”.

To my consternation my penis leapt to attention at the derision. “Bloody hell Guy is that as big as it gets?” asked Alisha, one of Cess’ friends who I didn’t get along with. “That’s like, a toy dick”.

I had turned beet red, as had Cess, and just stood there with my pitiful erection on display. “Hey let’s see how he measures up to the mini-penis” said Marie grabbing a hold of the small dildo that had been the source of much mirth earlier in the evening. It was about the same length as my erection but it was thicker. “Well girls” she said “He’s packing less than the mini-penis!” setting them off laughing again. “Let’s measure it we’ve still got the tape measure”. My shameful measurements of 12cm by 10cm were presented to the group’s collective derision.

“Boy Cess, he must be a good pussy eater to keep you happy with that little thing” said Chanel.

“Well actually” stammered Cess, put on the spot all of a sudden and turning even redder “he doesn’t.. um do… that”

“What? How does he make you come?”

“Well… I never…. I mean he never… I mean… I’m one of those girls who doesn’t come very easily”

“Well I never met a man with a small cock who never learned how to eat pussy. You been fucking this girl for how long and never made her come?” demanded Chanel suddenly aggressive and actually shoving me in the chest. I’d never really noticed how tall Chanel was before then but she was a good two inches taller than me and was all of a sudden very intimidating. My erect cock shrunk suddenly.

“That’s right arsehole wipe that erection off your little cock” put in Alisha

“Now on your knees and beg forgiveness of this beautiful woman who’s time you’ve been wasting with that little tadpole” snarled Chanel as she grabbed my pink little knob between her thumb and forefinger and yanked down causing me to drop to my knees. Suddenly she then kicked me square in the balls causing me to groan and double over “I don’t hear you begging piss ant”

“I’m sorry Cess” I mumbled through the pain

“And what are you sorry for?” asked Chanel. I didn’t know what to say “you’re sorry for fucking her with a baby dick aren’t you Guy?” as she said this she pushed me to the floor in a prone position, then moved behind me stepping lightly on my balls where they peeped our from under my spread legs. Applying a bit more pressure she said “aren’t you!”

“Yes, yes!” I gasped “I’m sorry Cess for fucking you with a baby dick’

“And you’re sorry for not eating her pussy ever right?” more pressure on my balls.

“And I’m sorry for not eating your pussy ever” I said almost sobbing.

“Oh my god the baby dick’s gonna cry like a little baby. It’s time you went to school little boy. On your knees!” One of the group applied handcuffs to my wrists as I was hauled to my knees. These girls were seriously drunk and seriously out of control. At the instruction of Chanel, Cess stood in front of me with her robe open presenting her beautiful shaven pussy to me. “Start lapping with a flat tongue nice and slow” instructed Chanel. “That’s it, good little boy. See that there, that’s a clitoris – I don’t suppose you ever bothered to find out what one looked like did you baby dick? Well you lap that nice and slow like you’re licking an ice cream. Babies like ice cream don’t you baby dick?”

Her teasing, the soft moans of my girlfriend and being handcuffed at the mercy of a room full of pretty girls had me hard as a rock. “Oh the baby dick likes being a pussy boy” cooed Julie “you might make my sister happy yet. He sure has a hard little dick.”

Cess was clearly enjoying herself as her pussy became wetter than I’d ever seen it. “Oooooooooohhhh yeah” she moaned “but now I wanna fuck”.

“Well you can girl, but not with baby dick here”. I was kicked in the back and fell forward. Without my hands l landed face first giving me a blood nose. “We going to give Cess a real dick tonight” said Chanel.

Marie approached my girlfriend relieving her of her robe. “You ready to have a real orgasm honey?” asked Marie

“Oh fuck yeah” replied my horny girl. Some of her girlfriends got around her caressing her body all over softly working her nipples, her thighs, her neck, her pussy. Marie approached with the 8” wild lover dildo, turning to me she grinned then turned back to my girlfriend. “Sorry Guy” said Cess with genuine emotion “but you just don’t cut it. Ooooooooooooooooooh” she moaned again as Marie slowly fed her the dildo. She began slowly working it until she eventually built up to a crescendo of furious fucking all the while my gorgeous girlfriend was moaning as I had never heard her.

“Bet you never made her scream like that huh baby dick?” asked Chanel. I had never been so hard and couldn’t help but start dry humping the floor from where I lay. “Ohhh baby dick’s horny huh? Well you need some practice at fucking but we ain’t gonna let you practice on a real woman are we? Luckily we brought this along.” The rubber woman that had been a joke present was brought over for me. “Let’s see your technique baby dick” said Chanel.

“No way” I said and for my trouble was kicked hard by Chanel in the anus

“You want more of that baby dick or are you gonna be a good little baby dick and show us your technique?”


“Okay what”

“I’ll be good”

“A good what” she said stepping on my balls again

“I’ll be a good baby dick and show you how I fuck” I blurted. Chanel laughed triumphantly.

“Okay baby dick, slip it in that rubber dolly”

I was compelled to shuffle along the ground and mount - with some difficulty considering my handcuffs – the rubber woman. All the while my girlfriend’s moans were filling the room in a staccato that was in rhythm with Maries skilled dildo strokes. “Oh god I’ve been missing out with that baby dick” I heard her say through clenched teeth.

“Come on baby dick fuck that dolly” ordered Julie. I was surprised at how realistic the vagina felt as I began to slowly pump the inanimate object in front of me. I was worried about coming quickly so I started out with some long slow strokes. “Look at that cute little arse, shame he’s such a baby dick” Julie sighed.

“Fuck her harder baby dick!” ordered Chanel “if you’re gonna fuck with a baby dick you got to fuck hard and fast and long!” I began to pump harder and harder but it was not enough for Chanel “HARDER” she demanded “FASTER baby dick, fuck like a man not a boy” pumping as hard as I was and with all the excitement I had experienced in the night it wasn’t long before I was approaching orgasm “you better not come baby dick!” but I couldn’t hold back and shot my load inside the dummy.

“Aw baby dick’s come. That wasn’t even five minutes baby dick”. Meanwhile Cess moaned in the background “and your girl’s only getting started baby dick. Tell you what, seeing as though she’s still enjoying herself we’ll give you the same experience.” Alisha approached grinning at me mockingly with the big pink dildo in hand.

“No please” I begged

“Too bad baby dick, you’ve been a bad little boy” with that Alisha began to spank my butt with the big rubber cock and soon was swinging the thing high above her head and bringing it crashing down with a thud bruising my arse cheeks. I squirmed as Chanel stood on my back preventing me from getting away. In time with her strokes Alisha vented what seemed to be all her sexual frustration upon me “This. Is. For. Every. Little. Dick. I. Ever. Had. To. Fuck.”

I began to sob as Cess reached a new height of ecstasy. Marie had apparently withdrawn the dildo and was now holding my girl in post orgasmic bliss. “Wow I’ve never come like that before” Cess said as she snuggled up to Marie

“Of course you haven’t, you’ve been fucking a mini penis” Marie said. Everyone laughed at this with Cess laughing the most having reached a level of pleasure she had never been to before.

Meanwhile Alisha had stopped her flogging me and Chanel had walked into my line of vision. To my horror she had stepped into a harness that allowed her to strap on the 9 inch pink rubber dong. “Seeing as though you took our Cess’ virginity with a pretend dick” said Chanel lubing up the dildo as she spoke “I’m going to do the same to you”.

“Can I do it” asked Cess to my very great surprise. “I just always wanted to do him”

“Cess no!” I exclaimed.

“Quiet baby dick!” scalded Alisha kicking me sharply in the ribs. It was no use, I watched horrified as my girlfriend strapped on the pink cock.

“Get him bent over the couch” ordered Chanel. Many manicured hands gripped me and slung me over the leg of the luxuriant leather couch the hotel had provided. I gave up protesting and just braced myself. “Just relax baby dick you might just enjoy this” said Chanel as she worked two fingers inside me, lubing my hole. She took her fingers out and I felt the dildo touch my anus. “This is for all the bad sex you gave me guy” said Cess as she started to force the dildo into my virgin hole. She worked more and more in I could only noiselessly open my mouth as she split me open wider than I had ever done to her. The look on my face was a source of great amusement for all the girls; it wasn’t long before the video phones came out and my humiliation was complete. Cess showed me no mercy fucking me hard and telling me “fucking embarrassing me in front of my friends with that baby dick! You’re my bitch now, you hear, you’re MY bitch,”

As Cess fucked me hard the thrusting forced my hips to move and my cock started coming to life again as it rubbed against the leg of the couch. I realised I was enjoying the humiliation. I had always been so insecure about my cock it was good to have it finally out in the open and as I came again I realised I had always wanted to be Cess’ itch. To my great surprise my girlfriend came again at the sheer thrill of fucking me up my arse. When she pulled the dong out of my arse it was followed by a mixture of shit and blood.

“Well baby dick have a nice night” said Chanel. “We’re leaving your credit card at the foyer to pay for this”. With that the girls dressed and left until only Chanel and Cess were left. Cess approached me and said “Um Guy, I mean Baby Dick, I think we, well I, should see other people.” With that the 5 inch mini penis was inserted into my arse.

“I’ll call room service” said Chanel ordering some food “I wonder what they’ll say when they see you in such a state baby dick?”. With that my girl and her domme friend walked out the door. “I’ll see you at home bitch” said Cess leaving the door open and my dildo crammed arse on display for the impending

Being Neighbourly

I used to be a good little catholic wife until I discovered what a demon in the sack my neighbour was.

First a little background. My husband and I grew up together, we were best friends from the age of 2. With both families doing just about everything together, from church on Sundays to trips away, it was basically a fait accompli that we would be married.

Paul my husband (not his real name) was a nice guy and never treated me poorly. Sexually though he was a disappointment. Our wedding night was not only to be the first time we made love, but it was also the first time we had even seen each other naked. Our first attempt was an awkward affair with neither of us having much of an idea what we were doing. After a few minutes of Paul trying to find the hole and an extremely embarrassing ordeal for myself instructing him with “up a bit, left a bit” toward my dry hole, Paul groaned and came before he even got it in.

I was really disappointed that what was supposed to be such a special moment had not turned out how it was supposed to. Unfortunately I would have to get used to this in our sex life. It took Paul a few days to even work out how to get his thing in me and he never lasted very long. After a four week honeymoon littered with inadequate sexual episodes we moved into our new two bedroom townhouse our parents had purchased for us in an inner Sydney suburb. The second bedroom was to be our nursery but I guess Paul was firing blanks as well as being a dud.

Our first two years of marriage were fine but I had pretty much given up on the sex. Whenever Paul wanted it I would basically hoist up my nightgown (sex was always a night time activity for Paul) and lie there for a few minutes while he ground out a sticky little orgasm and promptly fall fast asleep.

It was the morning after one of these pathetic sexual offerings from my husband - who had left early for the office as he often did - that I got my first look at our new neighbours. They were a Polynesian couple who I will call John and Cynthia. Cynthia was quite a pretty woman with the lovely tan of the Polynesians and lovely curves but it was John who caught my notice. He too had the bronzed skin of the Pacific islands and it being a hot day he had his shirt off as he moved furniture into their home. John was a powerfully built man of about 6 foot 4 who clearly benefited from regular workouts, he did not have a superfluous layer of flesh on him. His rippling abdominals were adorned with a tribal looking tattoo. Admiring him as he picked up a heavy washing machine as if it were a kid’s toy I felt a tingling in my vagina and my hand was in my dressing gown playing with myself before I knew what was happening.

Being a catholic girl I had never even masturbated before, thinking it a sin, but my head had become filled with visions of John pounding into me. Drawing the Venetians I stepped out of my gown which was all I had on and stood there naked peeking at my masculine neighbour out of a crack of the blind. My second hand began playing with one of my nipples as my first hand found my clitoris. I became weak at the knees as I experienced my first ever orgasm.

That day was something of an awakening for me. I spent much of the day in bed exploring my body and indulging in the sexual fantasies I had always repressed as I grew up. By the time Paul got home I was in the mood for a hard cock. As soon as he walked through the door I was on him, dressed only in my gown, kissing him passionately, grinding my cunt against him – that was the first time I had ever thought of my vagina as being a cunt and I felt delightfully dirty using that word in my head. Unfortunately Paul was more interested in what was for dinner “what’s got into you Linda?” he asked, quite put back by my aggressive advance. “Is dinner ready”.

“I thought we could make love first darling” I responded trying to kiss him again as he literally fended me off.

“I’ve had a hard day at work dear, I just want to put my feet up.” Again he asked “what’s for dinner?”

“I’ll whip something up then” I snapped. I hadn’t defrosted any meat during the day so I just put together a quick vegetable soup. As I chopped the vegetables I saw a carrot and a cucumber together and in my horny mood couldn’t help but notice the size difference. I immediately thought of my slender 5’ 6” husband compared to the stocky and powerful 6’ 4” John. The phallic shape of the vegetables immediately had me wondering what the difference in the penis size might be.

In bed that night I initiated sex with Paul for the first time since our honeymoon. He was quite surprised but being a man wasn’t about to turn me down! I got him hard with my hand and jumped on his cock riding him hard (also a first for our marriage, sex to this point had been a strictly missionary-man on top process). I tried to get myself off as I rode him playing with my clit and grinding on his cock, squeezing my vaginal muscles to make the most of his modest member. Unfortunately whenever I tried to increase the pace I would get over enthusiastic and his five inch cock would slip out of me. After about ten minutes of this, frustrated, I rolled on to my back and told Paul to “fuck me hard”. I had never been like this but Paul seemed to like it as he hurriedly slipped it in me and pounded away for all he was worth.

“Fuck my cunt, fuck me hard baby” I demanded but no sooner had these words left my lips than Paul had once again come to the party early, squirting a little dollop of his seed in me. I was just getting started but Paul was breathless.

“I liked that dear” he said in a very matter of fact voice “that was delightful”. Seconds later he was snoring. As usual I was left to ponder his poor performance. It was during this reverie that I thought I heard something stirring next door. Our bedroom shared a communal wall with John and Cynthia and late at night I was sometimes able to discern noises coming from the abutting townhouse.

I heard what I thought was a woman crying out and I wondered if John was a wife beater. Soon though, as the volume increased, I realised that the woman was crying out in ecstasy. My heart started pounding and I glanced at Paul who was soundly asleep. Once again I snuck my hand down to my vagina as I listened to the noises coming from next door. From the sound of things Cynthia was one lucky girl, she was moaning with the unbridled pleasure of a satisfied woman who could not contain her delight despite her best efforts. As I fiddled furiously with my clit I imagined it was me who John was fucking, pounding me with a cock the size of the cucumber I had sliced earlier that night (not like the little five inch carrot Paul had stuck in me for all of 10 minutes). It wasn’t long before I had made myself come again – it was fantastic but at the same time not enough.

In the afterglow of my self imposed orgasm I continued to listen to our new neighbours go at it. The sounds of Cynthia being pleasured didn’t die down for at least two hours – all the while Paul snored quietly beside me.

The next day Paul had once again gone to the office early – this was a regular fixture after we made love, I think he was justifiably embarrassed by his numerous sexual short comings. After I had breakfast, showered and dressed I went out the front door with the intention of doing some grocery shopping. As I stepped outside I noticed John was sitting on his front door step. I was glad it was a sunny day and I had placed on a short cotton dress that ended about halfway up my thighs. I like to think my legs are my best asset. The dress also hugged my chest making the most of my b-cup breasts. John took in his first glance of me laconically smiling and saying hello.

Suddenly I remembered the noises I had heard last night and just as suddenly remembered I had got myself off listening to them. I blushed as I returned John’s greeting. John came over and introduced himself, towering over me with his cathedral wide chest making me all aflutter. I felt myself get wet as I involuntarily glanced at his crotch remembering my fantasy from the night before. I was hardly listening to what he said I was so nervous but he had stopped talking and I realised that I was probably supposed to say introduce myself. Flustered all I could manage was “I’m Linda. I saw you with your shirt off yesterday” Freudian slip! I stumbled to cover it up “I mean I saw you moving in yesterday, and you had your… I mean I saw your tattoo. It was very interesting”.

“Yeah it’s an islander design” he said and went on to explain he had gone for a morning jog without his keys and Cynthia had left for work unwittingly locking him out. “Good first day in the place eh?” he joked.

Still blushing like a school girl I giggled a little too much at what was just a passing quip. I wondered if he could tell the effect he was having on me or whether he just thought I was crazy. “Would you like to come in and have a coffee while you wait?” I said before I had even really thought about inviting a strange man inside my house.

“Nah that’s okay, you were going somewhere weren’t you?” he replied “Besides Cynthia’ll be gone for like eight hours. I’ll try and break back in I think, I’m a dark fella I should be good at it. That was a joke” he added after I didn’t quite pick up on his humour. I blushed a little more and laughed awkwardly.

“Oh well if you can’t get in maybe when I get back?”

“We’ll see how we go” he said flashing me his charming smile of straight white teeth that made me weak at the knees. “Thanks eh” he added rubbing my bare upper arm in an innocent gesture of gratitude.

Flustered again by his touch I responded with only a shy school girl smile. As I drove down to the local supermarket I could have kicked myself for being such a gushing, callow idiot. I also realised that I wanted that Adonis of a man in my house. It may have been for this reason that I hurried out of the supermarket without half the items I wanted but with about three sizeable cucumbers I didn’t really require.

I returned home to find that John was still stuck outside his townhouse. “Can’t get in round the front” he informed me with his devastating smile setting off the butterflies in my stomach and the wetness in my crotch all over again “and I can’t get round the back without going through someone’s yard” he explained. This was the case as John and Cynthia were in the middle of the three townhouses on our block. “Do you mind if I go through your backyard?” he finished.

“Sure” I said, once again the blushing adolescent “we can have that coffee” I added as I tried to portray some kind of composure.

“Yeah great. Let me take those for you” he said taking my shopping bags, his singlet displaying his sizeable biceps flexing as he carried the bags to my door.

“Thank you” I gushed grinning like a Cheshire cat and then standing at the door stupidly for a few seconds “keys would help I suppose” I said groping in my bag as my eyes kept wanting to go to John’s muscular arms. Eventually I managed to fumble the key in the lock reminding me immediately of Paul’s inept attempts at achieving penetration.

I put the kettle on and John helped me unpack the groceries. At the bottom of the last bag John suddenly exclaimed “Wow you really like your cucumber eh?” holding one of the massive phallic shaped vegetables in either hand.

Again I blushed as I took them and placed them in the vegetable crisper. I deliberately bent at the waist instead of the knees to give John a view of thighs. In the dress I was wearing there was even a chance he could see my sensible cotton white panties. I realised that I hoped he could and it was all I could do not drop my knickers right there. I glanced over my shoulder to find John enjoying the view. He smiled at me knowingly as he handed me the last cucumber with me still bent over in front of him. As I took the vegetable off him our hands brushed and I had a quick mental image of him ripping my panties off and fucking me there with the cucumber.

A moment.

“What about that coffee” I said breaking the tension. Suddenly I pondered whether I really wanted this. I had this man in my house and he must have known by then that I wanted him but all of a sudden I had some misgivings.

We made small talk over our coffee and it looked like the moment may have passed. After he drained his cup John rose and said “I better get back in next door and have a shower. I probably stink after that jog”.

All misgivings vanished as at the same that I realised this man was about to leave my house the mention of a shower also made me picture him naked.

“Why don’t you have a shower here?” I said followed by an awkward little giggle that must have given me away. John thought for a few seconds.

To my great relief and excitement he agreed and I showed him the bathroom and where we kept the towels. He took his shirt off as he stood before the shower and I was able to admire his ab’s up close. I was intrigued by his tattoo. At close range there was a lot of detail I hadn’t noticed.

“Wow” I said intrigued “that’s a really lovely tattoo. It’s so… intricate” I knelt down to take a closer look and shyly traced it with my finger thrilling at his hard, hairless abdominal muscles – a welcome change from my husband’s hirsute paunch. I felt my vagina relax and open as my finger crept down to the top of his shorts. “How far does it go down?” I asked

“I’ll show you” he said as he lowered his shorts revealing his tattoo went all the way down to his pubic bone and as I took this in I suddenly noticed that I could see the top of his cock. And what a cock it was! It was only the second one I had seen as an adult and from it’s base I saw that John’s flaccid cock was thicker than Paul’s erection. John also shaved his pubic hair making his golden hued phallus even more beautiful. This contrasted to Paul’s hairy little pecker that was so unappealing when flaccid.

I looked up at John smiling and then looked back at the base of his cock. He let his shorts and jock fall to his ankles revealing his entire package. I couldn’t help but let out a gasp as I took in his magnificent manhood. It must have been at least six inches as it hung circumcised over a pair of balls contained in a shaven scrotum the size of a large orange. Almost in a trance I reached out and grabbed it at the base, it twitched at the touch forcing an expression of wonder from my lips.

I had never sucked a dick before that day. Paul’s pasty little pricklette was just the thing he stuck in me when the mood took him and was so unappealing. This object of masculinity in front of me was a thing of beauty and without hesitating I took the head to my lips, kissing the tip. Here was a real man’s cock and I realised that Paul was just a little boy and we had only been pretend fucking.

“Open wide” John said as he eased his hips forward. His cock was swiftly growing erect as it entered an inch or two into my virgin mouth. He pulled out again and tenderly said “You don’t do this much do you?”

“No” I said “I’m sorry” I felt I had left this MAN down and I felt like a failure as a woman “never” I added trying not to sob with the shame I felt.

“That’s okay, just relax. Put your lips over your teeth and I’ll do the rest”. I did as instructed and he slowly filled my mouth with cock. I never knew I could be filled with so much man meat as my jaws stretch wider than I thought they ever could to accommodate his worshipfully thick phallus. His cockhead hit the back of my throat and if my mouth wasn’t so full I would have choked. “Relax your throat babe” John said. Once again I obeyed and felt his cock go deep into my gullet. “You’re a natural at this kid” he said.

His cock was so big and hard and as he worked it in and out of my throat I could feel my pussy dripping wet, I finally felt like a woman. I began to play with myself and John didn’t fail to notice “You like sucking a cock do you?” he encouraged “You like being my little cock sucker huh?” I had never been talked to dirty before and this got me going. I managed to gurgle an affirmative response “You dirty little cock sucker” he continued picking up on my excitement “I’m going to fuck your face hard. Would you like that huh?”. Once again I gurgled the same noise and he began to drive his cock in and out of my throat like there was no tomorrow. Saliva was dripping down my cheeks as I took his cock like a starving dog all the while frigging myself silly as the warmth in my cunt built up. John suddenly pulled out “Let’s get somewhere a little more comfortable” he sad lifting me off the ground like I weighed nothing. I had longed for Paul to take me like this but the closest he had come was rubbing his little boy’s willy on my thigh for a few seconds before sticking the little thing in.

John carried me across the threshold of my bedroom and placed me on my marital bed so I was on my back with my only my head off the side. “Now to fuck your pretty little face properly” he said as he placed his fully erect ten inches in my throat again. The new angle was much more comfortable for me and meant I could take all of his prodigious manhood. It also allowed John to lean over and start playing with my cunt as he fucked my throat like there was no tomorrow. Paul had never touched me down there and before that moment myself and my gynaecologist were the only people to touch my vagina. John found my clit with his thumb and worked two of his thick sausage fingers into my hole. I started to come as I had never come before and John pulled his cock out to allow me to enjoy the moment and I screamed my ecstasy into his balls as they dangled impressively above my face.

Quick as a flash John had spun me round on the bed and had my legs spread wide. “Yes, yes oh give me that big dick John” I implored “fuck me good!”

John brought the tip of his huge member to my soaking wet hole. “You ever had a cock this big honey?”

I shook my head no “only my husband’s” I added as he slowly pushed the tip of his enormous cock into me. His dick must have been three times the size around as Paul’s and my pussy was already stretched wider than it ever had been. It was pain and pleasure all in one as he slowly worked another few inches in. Even as I was about to ask him to stop he did so, working only the first few inches in and out allowing me to adjust to his vastly superior size. After a few minutes of this I was red hot and ready to go. “Put it all in” I cried in ecstasy.

John was going to enjoy the moment though “so your husband, how big is he?” I signalled his short length with my thumb and forefinger on one hand. John laughed and it turned me on to have this leviathan of cock mocking my husband as I realised I had longed to do for so long. “Well get ready to be fucked properly” he said as he thrust the rest of his cock balls deep into me. It was like nothing I had experienced as I was filled to the brim by this amazing man. He held his cock there for half a minute allowing me to savour the feeling, he withdrew his cock out to the tip – a full ten inches – and then slowly worked it all the way back in. My first big cock had me coming right there, and not a pretend clitoral orgasm like the ones I had experienced over previous days. This was unbelievable, my whole body shivered and I could not contain myself as I found myself rubbing my nipples and seeing stars. I wasn’t sure if I could take much more of it without passing out but I also didn’t want it to stop.

John started to fuck me hard with his massive tool, pounding me for forty minutes harder than Paul could ever manage for more than forty seconds. All the while I was in paradise enjoying a level of physical pleasure I had never experienced before and I knew my pin dicked husband could never take me. I sreamed in ecstasy, I cried with pleasure and looked admiringly at the hung MAN who was inside me deeper than anyone had ever been and I knew from then on that only big would do. It IS so much better.

John started groaning as he approached the vinegar stroke “I’m going to come baby” he gasped. In a sudden desire to please this MAN it seemed only natural that I take his seed deep inside me. “Come in me baby, fill me with that man’s come”. I felt John tense and release a massive load deep inside me he pulled out and shot some more on to my tits – I had never seen come shoot so far! Paul was a dribbler. Two more squirts released even more come on to my belly, I had never seen so much semen. It seemed only natural for me to lap up the man’s cream I scooped it up with my finger and tasted his sweet semen.

We lay together holding each other and I lost track of time as I nestled my face into his muscular neck. When I awoke he was gone leaving me only a few minutes to clean up before Paul arrived home. I was quite sore from where John had split me open and I regarded that I had finally lost my virginity. Paul wouldn’t be getting lucky with his little thing for quite some time, John on the other hand was welcome any time.

The Science Project Part I

This is a humiliating story from my university days. I’m married now and am trying to convince my wife to try cuckolding. I think my interest in this lifestyle stems from what you are about to read.

When I got to university I had only ever had sex with one girl before (my girlfriend of the time Glenda). Ever since puberty I had been insecure about my penis however sex with Glenda had gone some of the way to alleviating this. She always used words like “nice”, “clean” and “good size” when I discussed my insecurities. I had been accepted into an interstate university and was to live on campus in a coed dormitory – that was an eye opener. I had never drank so much liquor, smoked so much dope or seen so many hot young girls who were up for sex. I am proud to say I stayed faithful to Glenda although with my insecure disposition I’m not sure I could have been unfaithful even if I’d tried.

After the first few weeks things settled down a bit as everyone began studying and generally getting into the swing of uni life. It was hard without Glenda there but with telephone, email and my right hand I managed to stay faithful to her. One evening I was in my room alone (as usual) sitting at my computer redrafting an essay when there was a knock at my door. I opened it and to my delight saw Dani, Sarah and Carly standing there. These three girls were third year science degree students who word had it were former med students that partied a bit too hard and had to downgrade their studies. They didn’t seem to catch much flak from this, probably because they were all stunning.

They stood at my door all in lab coats and pony tails looking every inch the science students. Sarah, the shortest and bustiest of the trio, held a clipboard while Carly had a stop watch around her neck.

“Hey Darren” began Danielle

“It’s Derek” I corrected her

“Sorry, Derek” she began “I’m Dani, this is Sarah and Carly. We’re completing a science project and we’re wondering if you would like to participate”

“Um, sure” I said. I had seen these sexy girls at some of the dorm parties and had been too shy to introduce myself. This was a great opportunity to get to know them.

“Okay, great” beamed Dani, her smile nearly knocking me to the floor as my heart melted “the study is actually into male sexuality in the 18-24 age bracket, which is kinda why we’re looking for subjects here, are you comfortable with that?” she asked matter of factly.

“Um I guess” I said taken aback but also harbouring a hope that the study might involve me getting laid. Glenda was pretty far from my mind as I tried to subdue an erection.

“It’s only a few questions and that sort of thing” put in Sarah

“Ah yeah I really should mention that too shouldn’t I?” laughed Dani “are you happy to answer a few questions?”

“Sure” I said. A few heart beats passed in silence

“May we come in?” smiled Dani

“Oh of course, sorry” I said happily allowing the three beauties into my room.

“Wow it’s neat” said Carly “are you gay” she joked

“No!” I retorted insecurely

“Not there’s anything wrong with that though huh?” said Dani. We all shared a laugh. “Do you mind if we sit on your bed?: asked Dani “there’s nowhere else to seat three people in these rooms”. Thank god I had made it that morning!

“Sure no worries” I said sitting in my swivel chair and facing the three sexy ladies who were now seated on my bed. They all sat with their right leg crossed over their left, their uniform posture mirroring the formality of black knee length skirts that were creeping up their shapely thighs. If only my friends could see me now I thought to myself.

“Okay, firstly Derek you should know that your identity here will be kept strictly confidential, but obviously the results will be published in our report. We understand we’re dealing with sensitive issues. Are you comfortable with that?”

“Yeah sure” I said. I’d tell I’d shot JFK if I thought it would keep them in my room a little longer.

“Okay first question” Sarah began, brushing her brunette fringe from covering one of her eyes “what is your age?”

“I’m 19”

“have you had sexual intercourse before?”

“Yes” I replied thankful that I was telling the truth

“How many partners have you had sex with”

“Ah gee…um, seven” I said lying. I wanted to impress these vixens who were three years my senior. I’d never dealt with such forward girls before.

“You’re 18 and you’ve had seven different partners?”

“This isn’t going to work if you don’t tell the truth, Derek” said Carly firmly

“We want you to feel comfortable, you don’t need to impress us. We’ve been to Med school, we’ve seen it all Derek” added Dani more empathetically.

“Yeah okay. Only one” I said blushing

“That’s perfectly normal” reassured Dani as Sarah recorded this embarrassing admission

“How long does it usually take you to reach orgasm after penetration?” continued Sarah “remember there’s no need to impress us”

These questions were getting tricky. I was comfortable with these girls, they had my confidence so I decided to be honest. “Probably under five minutes” I said blushing.

“Okay” said Sarah “have you ever measured your penis?”

“No” I lied. I had measured it many times willing it to be bigger each time.

“That’s okay, a lot of guys have” said Dani

“Would you consider your penis small, average, or large?”

“I think it’s a little… small” I said

“A lot of guys are insecure about their size” stated Carly

“Have your sexual partners ever commented on your size” asked Sarah

“Glenda… ah my sexual partner said it was a good size” I responded

“Did you ask her about your size first or did she bring it up?” Dani enquired

“I asked her about it. I was kinda worried about”

“Perfectly normal” said Carly

I found myself feeling very aroused in the presence of these hot girls, with a frank discussion of penis size going on.

“On a scale of 1-10, 1 being lowest and 10 being highest, how important to sexual performance do you think penis size is?”

“Um, well probably 2 after what Glenda said”

“Have you ever had a gay fantasy?” Sarah asked catching me off guard.

“No, never” I said

“With a room this neat” joked Carly setting us all laughing again.

“So you’ve never fantasized about what it might be like to be anally penetrated or to fellate a big penis?” asked Sarah

For some reason my cock shot to attention having this sexy girl asking me if I’d ever thought about sucking a cock. I was surprised at my reaction but I wasn’t about to mention it. “No nothing like that”

“Have you ever worn womens’ underwear?”

“Well once” I said beet red “Glenda thought we should swap underwear once just for a kick” I said justifying it.

“Did you gain some sexual gratification from it?”

“A little I guess. Only because I knew they were Glenda’s though” I again qualified.

“Have you ever performed cunnilingus?”

“Once” I answered remembering embarrassed my inept attempts at stimulating Glenda.

“Have you ever made a sexual partner climax from penetration?”

“I don’t think so, no.” I confessed.

“Do you ever wish your penis was bigger?”

“Yes” I answered emphatically.

“Okay. Thanks Derek. That’s all we need for this part of the study. Thank you for your help.”

“That’s fine” I said. I was hoping they’d stay a little longer, if I stood I was sure my erection would be obvious to them.

“There is a second part to the study” Dani began “it’s slightly more… practical” she finished.

“How does that work?” I asked intrigued.

“We’re also studying penis size and taking sperm samples. If you don’t want to participate that’s fine” said Sarah

“Sperm samples?” I was really warming to this.

“Yes” Said Carly. “We simply measure your erection length and girth, your testicle volume and then we take a sperm sample from you. We totally understand if you don’t want to take part – especially as you have a girlfriend”

“No that’s fine” I said. I was rock hard and dying to get my rocks off “we’ve kinda got an open relationship now we’re doing long distance” I added untruthfully. The fact of the matter was I could think of nothing more erotic than having my penis measured but most of all I just wanted to come buckets for these three hot girls. “I’m happy to help you guys out” I added.

The three girls smiled at me. “Thank you Derek. If you would like to disrobe we can get started” said Dani.

I stood up and I had a tent pitched in my slacks. I unbuckled my trousers and stepped out of them. I flushed with embarrassment as I remembered I was wearing the patterned bikini briefs my mother had bought for me last Christmas. I quickly removed them. The elastic band pulled my erection down and then it snapped straight back up to attention making an audible noise as it slapped onto my lower abdomen. “Well you don’t need much encouragement!” said Sarah

“If you remove your t-shirt too that will make things easier for us” said Carly

So there I stood, completely naked with my penis standing at full attention in front of three sexy twenty year old girls sporting lab coats. “It will be easiest for us if you lie on the bed on your back” said Dani as the three girls rose to allow me access to the bed. Carly and Dani both snapped on some rubber gloves as Carly produced a sewing tape measure from her lab coat pocket as I lay there with my hands at my side feeling oh so vulnerable. I was ready to explode as she measured my hard little shaft from root to tip.

“110 millimeters long. Four and one third inches” she said. I had measure myself at nearly five inches and was humiliated to hear her measure me so short, but unlike me she wasn’t there to reassure. She then took the tip of my penis between thumb and forefinger nearly causing me to come right there. She held it straight up pointing at the ceiling and with rehearsed coordination handed Dani the tape measure. Dani then wrapped the tape measure around my shaft measuring my girth.

“103 millimetres around” she stated to Sarah who recorded this embarrassing piece of data “Four and one tenth inch” she said and I just fancied she suppressed a laugh.

“Can you stand up for us now Derek, we need to measure your testicle volume” asked Carly. I stood with my penis pointing straight at my chin. I don’t think I’d ever been so hard. I was so embarrassed I was beet red but I’d also never been so turned on. Dani filled a beaker to the brim with water from my room’s sink she then wrapped her thumb and forefinger between my cock and balls causing me some slight discomfort and making my balls bulge in their sack. She then brought the beaker up and dipped my balls in the water. From the water that spilled out she was able to measure the volume of my testicles.

“Approximately 80 millilitres” she announced. I’d never really thought about my ball size before. Even in proportion to my little cock they were pretty small I realised then. I was handed one of my tea towels by Carly to dry my little balls off with. “Lay back on the bed Derek and we can take that sperm sample now” she said.

I lay back down with my four and one third inches twitching for relief. “Just lie back Derek, we’re going to time you as part of the study so it’s important you don’t touch yourself” Carly instructed me as she knelt down next to my crotch. She unscrewed a small plastic sample jar which she poised with one hand at the head of my cock. “Ready?” she asked Sarah who had her stop watch poised “and start” she said as she placed her hand around my shaft. She moved her hand up and her fingers touched the head of my cock, that was all I needed “stop!” she said to Sarah as with a cry I shot a load into the sample jar.

“Zero point 84 seconds!” cried Sarah incredulously and with some amusement forgetting her scientific façade.

“Thank you Derek” said Carly as she screwed the lid on the sample jar “you’ve been most cooperative”. The three lovely girls then left my room without another word, leaving me on my bed feeling weird and somewhat humiliated.

“Cooperative alright” I heard one of them say in the hallway “I wish they were all that quick” I heard them laughing and thanked the Lord that it was a confidential study – or so I thought.

The Science Project Part II

At the end of semester we had a dinner for our entire dorm. Glenda came up to stay with me so she could attend as all were welcome at the event. The dinner was great with a few awards handed out such as ‘messiest room’, ‘hairiest back’ and ‘biggest drinker’. At the end of the official function all students were invited to head to the after party in the function room of one of the local pubs. Glenda and I were having a great time and had already caught up the night before so we were keen to head along to the party.

A few hours into the party though my heart sank. The music stopped and one of the third year students, Paul took up the microphone on the stage. “And now with their annual First Year Cock Awards I’d like to introduce to the stage Carly, Danielle and Sarah.”

There was much applause from some of the more senior students, particularly the girls while the first year students looked at each other blankly. A number of the guys, like myself, were starting to sweat.

“What’s going on” asked Glenda who was next to me holding my hand. I shook my head as I watched the three girls take the stage once again dressed in their lab coats my throat getting dryer by the second.

“Thank you ladies and gentlemen. As most of you know it is an annual tradition amongst our dorm for the senior girls to organise the rating of the first year boys’ willies” Dani announced “we had some interesting results this year” she continued “and moving right along we’d like to present the award for longest schlong. John Spositi are you here?”

“Yeah!” yelled Johnny

“Please come up on stage and receive your prize” said Dani “at 215 millimetres or 8 and one half inches you have the longest schlong of all” the crowd went into rapturous applause as John came up on stage to receive a small trophy.

“Congratulations John” said Dani as he left stage “and now for the thickest dick award, Carly”

Carly stepped to the mic as my hand became clammier “Dean Muir can you please bring your thick cock onto stage for us and receive your award. At 152 millimetres or just over six inches in girth you have the thickest dick of the current crop of first years.” Dean came up on stage slightly embarrassed and received his trophy “congratulations Dean. I look forward to working with you later tonight” added Carly with a mischievous grin as he left stage. I saw Glenda staring at Dean as he stood near us. I think she may have been trying to catch sight of his crotch. She quickly looked back at me and then eyes forward to stage when she noticed I had caught her. Once again I felt the stirring in my crotch as I realised my own modest credentials downstairs.

Awards were also presented for biggest balls and most endurance. Then the moment I had dreaded approached. “Of course that’s not all we’re here to recognise tonight” said Dani “We have to also recognised the other end of the cock spectrum, and this year we have a run away loser, I mean leader.” My heart sank as I hoped to god that what was about to happen was somehow going to stop.

“The wee-est pee-pee at 110 millimeters or four and one third inches long” the crowd burst out laughing as my penis began to swell

“The thinnest pricklette at 103 millimetres or four and one tenth inch around” laughter again.

“The smallest balls at approximately 80 millilitres volume” some people had tears in their eyes now

“and a lightning quick zero point 84 seconds from the handjob test” the laughter intensified and someone even called out “that’s not possible!”.

“No our measurements are fully scientific” said Dani “I would like to add that this man, and I use the term loosely” more laughter as Dani worked the crowd beautifully and my cock was standing to full attention “has broken all records. He has the shortest and thinnest erecetion in the seven years that this dorm has been taking records. He has the smallest balls on record and broke the previous record for ejaculation by twenty seven seconds! This represents the first time we’ve had to use decimals. A round of applause ladies and gentleman for Derek Henderson!!”

I wanted to find a hole to crawl down as all the people in my vicinity began to point and laugh.

“Up on stage Derek, don’t be shy” said Dani. Glenda let go of my hand as I was shoved toward stage by a group of third year girls. Carly got a chant going as I was pushed forwards.

“PEE-WEE, PEE-WEE, PEE-WEE” chanted the crowd as I was hauled up on stage.

“Well Derek, we don’t have any trophies for you because, let’s face it, you don’t deserve an award but I think we all want to see your little record breaker am I right”

“No way!” I yelled outraged but as it turned out I didn’t really have a choice the gaggle of girls that had dragged up onto the platform ripped my pants from me despite my struggling and there I stood on display, naked from the waist down and to my utter humiliation fully erect.

“Well let’s thank the little record breaker everyone” the crowd was guffawing with laughter as my tiny member stood saluting the crowd.

“Thank you Derek. That will be all” said Dani as I exited stage covering my tiny little package with both hands and looking vainly for where pants had got to. “That concludes our presentation for this evening. A full posting of results will be available on the notice board at the dorms tomorrow. We have also posted them at the bar so girls, you know what you’re going to get.”

As I desperately went about the crowd trying to find my pants Glenda found me “you let those girls jerk you off?” she demanded

“I thought it was for a science project”

“You fucking arsehole!” she snarled at me “I let you stick that little thing in me and YOU cheat on ME! Fuck you!” with that she kneed me square in my bare balls sending me crashing to the ground. At the commotion a small crowd had formed and they cheered loudly as I hit the deck and Glenda stormed off.

“Aww poor pee-wee” someone said. It was John “Long Schlong” Spositi. The group packed up laughing again. I managed to borrow a towel from one of the bar staff which I wrapped around my waist for the walk home. I got back and realised Glenda had my room keys in her bag, God knew where she had got to. I had no option but to wait for her to come back and beg her forgiveness.

Part II – Back at the Dorm

As I sat there musing over the events that evening I noticed a large A2 sheet of paper on the notice board at the end of the hall. I knew straight away what it was but couldn’t help have a look. It made grim reading: -

The Cock Report

By Carly Smith, Daniel Mason and Sarah Conlan

Rank Name Length (mm) Length (inches) Girth (mm) Girth (inches) Time
1 John Spositi 215 8.53 138 5.48 8min 28sec
2 Jerry Callaghan 198 7.86 145 5.75 12min 03sec
3 Mark Abel 193 7.66 126 5.00 3min 42sec
4 Daniel Muir 191 7.58 152 6.03 9min 14sec
5 Albert Davies 186 7.38 141 5.60 10min 23sec
6 Bryan Arlington 184 7.30 143 5.67 2min 49sec
7 Steve Bennet 182 7.22 133 5.28 7min 02sec
8 Peter Parker 180 7.14 123 4.88 1min 58sec
9 Daniel Gianni 179 7.10 131 5.20 18min 19sec
10 Tim Byrne 177 7.02 120 4.76 8min 37sec
11 Vince Gioutsos 176 6.98 127 5.04 43sec
12 Frank Koloukis 175 6.94 140 5.56 7min 14sec
13 Brad Mills 172 6.83 119 4.72 3min 59sec
14 Sean Hargreaves 172 6.83 122 4.84 5 min 47sec
15 George Watangi 171 6.79 135 5.36 11min 09sec
16 Liam Childs 168 6.67 118 4.68 55sec
17 Aoki Sato 165 6.55 112 4.44 24min 16sec
18 Chilton Gaines 164 6.51 126 5.00 1min 00sec
19 Bradley Symington 161 6.39 129 5.12 3min 18sec
20 Fred Grimes 159 6.31 120 4.76 11min 45sec
21 Aaryn Jolly 157 6.23 148 5.87 2min 38sec
22 Darryl Holloway 154 6.11 117 4.64 33sec
23 Paul Smith 150 5.95 130 5.16 4min 02sec
24 Harborw McKenzie 149 5.91 122 4.84 3min 38sec
25 William Edwards 145 5.75 126 5.00 12min 15sec
26 Ng Ho 142 5.63 113 4.48 15min 32sec
27 Andrew Montague 140 5.56 121 4.80 17min 19sec
28 Hai Hyung 139 5.52 108 4.29 3min 21sec
29 Tse Sakamoto 139 5.52 115 4.56 5min 35sec
30 John Adams 135 5.36 118 4.68 14min 50sec
31 Phong Nguyen 134 5.32 113 4.48 11min 30sec
32 Brad Storch 127 5.04 125 4.96 10min 03sec
33 Derek Henderson 110 4.37 103 4.09 <1 sec

I stood before the notice board realising my inadequacy. My dick was shorter and thinner by some margin any of the other guys in my year level. I remembered Dani saying that I was the smallest in all measurements in seven years of this perverted measuring taking place. The place was silent as I reached the grim realisation, everyone else was out at the party. Every girl there knew I was teeny tiny where it counted and the only girl who’d ever let me fuck her hated my guts. All this and I was once again hard downstairs, pitching a pathetic little tent in the towel that hid my inadequacy.

The silence was broken by one of the entrance doors slamming. I heard a girl laughing and the low tones of a man’s voice. I crept back to my dorm room door and hoped after my public humiliation that they would go to another floor. I wasn’t so lucky. It was Jerry Callaghan who I now knew had a much bigger and thicker cock than me. On his arm was none other than Danielle Mason. I knew that Jerry lived a few doors down from me and that they would have to walk past me to get there.

“Hey pee wee” said Dani happily as if nothing had happened and it was perfectly normal to call me pee wee. Jerry just smirked at me as if to say “hey we both know how much more of a man I am”. I looked only at the floor as they walked past. I looked up to see them kissing passionately before Jerry’s door “I can’t wait to get that cock inside me big boy” Dani said rubbing Jerry’s crotch. Jerry opened the door. “I’ll be in soon baby, I gotta pee” said Dani

“Hurry back” said Jerry going into his room

Dani didn’t need to pee at all. She simply wanted to tease me some more, I think she really got off on it “Poor little pee wee didn’t get a date at the dance huh?” she jibed “You know, I saw your girl talking to our Long Schlong and Thick Dick award winners. I wonder where she is now? Probably being fucked by their big, fat cocks right now. Ooooooo “ she said noticing my re-pitched tent “you like that don’t you pee wee. Maybe you should come and listen at the door while I get fucked by a Jerry’s monster.” As she said this she rubbed my cock through the towel. “Very good, you lasted more than three seconds there” she laughed and then suddenly grabbed the towel from me and ran into Jerry’s room leaving me once again naked from the waist down, locked out of my room with a hard on that demanded release.

It wasn’t long before I could hear Dani and Jerry going at it. It seemed Dani was being very vocal and I’m sure it was for my benefit. “Oh yeah fuck me with your monster Jerry, fuck me with that monster cock. Ohhhh it’s so big, you’re so big. Fuck me good baby, fuck me hard”. I was so horny, hearing Dani get what I knew was a vastly superior penis had me ready to explode. I was just about to start to pull myself when another couple started walking toward me down the hall.

“I thought I’d find you hear” said the girl whose voice I recognised “lost your towel huh?” teased Glenda as she stood now before me with none other than Dean “Thick Dick” Muir with his arm around her. I quickly covered my tiny package with my hands as Dani’s conspicuous moans continued. “Wow sounds like someone’s getting a good fuck” said Glenda “I think it’s about my turn. What do you think Dean? Are you keen to fuck me in Derek’s bed?”

“Sure am” replied Dean. I wanted to punch him in the face but Dean was not only twice my size in the pants he was also much bigger than me all round. With my slender frame and his muscular stature I wouldn’t have stood a chance. I was also turned on by the thought of Glenda being fucked by what I knew was the thickets cock in the dorm.

Glenda unlocked my door “Now you’re going to know what it’s like to be cheated on you fucking little prick” she snarled “I can’t wait to get a real dick”. That was enough for me and I came right then and there. “Holy shit, you pathetic little turd you like it! Hey Dean, he just came” she laughed. Dean joined in the laughter as they entered my room.

“I guess you can listen if you like” said Glenda, following Dean into the room she left the door slightly ajar and kept the lights off. I heard them giggling and moaning alternately and soon after I heard my girlfriend crying out in pleasure. I was becoming hard again as I heard her expressing her pleasure to Dean “Oh my god you eat pussy so well baby. Oh shit I’m gonna come oh OH OHHHHHHH yeah. Oh shit you’re so good. Oh my god Oh OHHHHHH OHHHHHH. She was climaxing again and again and I was fully erect all over again. I couldn’t help myself. I snuck into the room closing the door quietly behind me. The room was dimly lit with some security lights from the campus providing me with a silhouette of the couple on the bed that abutted my room’s window.

“Oh fuck yeah! Let me suck that big thing” said Glenda who had never sucked my dick before calling it “icky”. Dean stood to take off his pants and from my vantage point I had the perfect profile of his huge thick cock. I looked down at my tiny offering and realised the vast superiority of Dean’s member. Glenda couldn’t help but notice either “Oh my god it’s so much bigger than Derek’s. That’s huge. I gotta have it!” With that she started gobbling on his cock with gusto cramming his huge member into her mouth. I could hear her gagging and mumbling as she clearly savoured the mass of meat she had in her mouth. I could also tell she was fingering herself as she sucked breaking from her fellating of the massive pole to say things like “Oh I’m so wet just from sucking this cock. It was never like this with Derek”

Eventually it was too much for her “Oh Dean put that thing in me now. I gotta have it, I need a real cock. I’ve been fucking a tiny dick for so long now. Fill me like I’ve never been filled before” she beseeched and Dean was only too happy to oblige. He pushed her back and spread her legs wide holding onto her thighs as he pushed her ankles back over her head. We had only ever done missionary.

From side on I could see his thick cock poised at her tight opening. “Damn you’re wet girl” said Dean as he started to push into her.

“OH FUCK IT’S SO THICK!” said Glenda “OH MY GOD, OH MY GOD” she kept screaming as Dean fed her more of his thick dick. “Please be gentle, it’s so big” I heard Glenda say so subserviently. She had been able to talk about shopping while I was in her and here she was begging for mercy through clenched teeth.

“Don’t worry girl, we’ll go nice and slow” said Dean “for now. I got to stretch you out”

“Oh yeah stretch me baby” said Glenda panting for breath as Dean slowly worked his first few inches back and forth “oh stretch me” she continued as Dean started to build up a quicker rhythm “oh fuck yeah, oh fuck yeah” yelled Glenda like a crazed animal. I had never seen her like this. “Oh fuck year, oh it’s so thick, oh my god it’s so damn good! AHHHHHHHHHH” she squealed as Dean gave her his full length and held it there for a few moments allowing Glenda to adjust “OH MY GOD I’M GONNA COME! OH FUCK ME HARD WITH THAT FAT COCK, FUCK ME HAR-ARRRRRRRD. OHHHHHHHH” Glenda was climaxing as never before screaming her pleasure to the ceiling as Dean pounded into her harder and harder. “IT’S SO BIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIG OHHHHHHHH FUCK YEAHHHHHHHH”

“Oh shit I’m gonna come, I’m gonna come” yelled Dean.

“COME INSIDE ME WITH THAT FAT COCK BABY COME INSIDE ME!!” Glenda had never let me come inside her she made sure we always used protection.

Dean groaned loudly and I could see him thrust deeply into Glenda as he continued to groan. After a few more pumps that I knew were injecting his seed into Glenda he collapsed on her panting. With that I shot for the second time that night without touching my dick.

“That was so good baby. I’ve been missing out until now” Glenda gasped at him in a whisper “thank you so much.” They kissed deeply and then Dean got up and began to dress again. I ducked down under my desk so he wouldn’t see me and with one last deep kiss of my admiring girlfriend he was gone.

“Oh Derek he was so much better than you. I don’t think I can respect you as a man anymore” Glenda said. She’d known I was there the whole time! “You can sleep in the wet spot if you want, I’m going to sleep now and in the morning I’m going home. I never want to see you or your cheating little dick again. You hear me?”

“Glenda I’m so sorry I…” I began

“Listen Derek, we could work at it and I might forgive you but I’m never, ever going to want that puny little dick inside me again. I’m sorry, you’re just not enough of a man. Now fuck up and let me sleep or fuck off somewhere else.” Soon she was slumbering contentedly as I lay in the wet spot holding her in my arms, crying myself to sleep. When I woke up she was gone. I never spoke to Glenda again but I’ll never forget how much I loved watching my girl enjoy a big cock.

The Home Invasion Part I

Debbie sometimes regretted marrying for money. She reflectedupon this as she draped her shapely body in her satin robeto answer the late night buzz on the intercom. The loud droninghad not woken her husband Conrad who slept soundly in theirbed. Minutes earlier he had come in his pretty young wifeand he was now contentedly snoring. Not without some disdainat this Debbie exited the bedroom to walk down the stairsof their palatial home to answer the door.The long walk down the sweeping staircase did not push thethoughts from her mind that she often had after sex withher husband. Conrad made love much like he did everything:slowly and ponderously. Debbie would have to put up withhim fumbling with her erogenous zones and then grindingaway with his faltering five inch erection, all the timepretending to enjoy it. Eventually she would save his egoby faking orgasm triggering him to shoot his sticky littlemess in her unsatisfied pussy.She was growing bored in their loveless marriage and asthe intercom.sounded again Debbie was jogged from hermemories of the college gang bangs she had participatedin. She longed to once again be treated like a slut and fuckedhard and long by a long, hard cock. “Hold your horses” shesaid under her breath wondering which of Conrad’s underlingshad an urgent issue this time. It was always her job as thetrophy wife to open the door and play housemaid to any ofConrad’s associates who called.The meditation on her husband’s sexual inadequacy andher yearning for a real cock had distracted Debbie and sheforgot to check the surveillance camera outside the gate.Conrad had a number of late night business dealings andshe thought nothing of the 10:30pm call and buzzed the gatesopen. “Conrad” she yelled upstairs “someone’s here foryou”. Turning on the outside light Debbie returned to hererotic musing which was briefly cut off by the visitor’sknock at the door. Opening the door Debbie was jolted backto the present by the sight of three men dressed in balaclavas,one of whom was upon her instantly, stifling her screambefore it had even passed her lips. The man’s momentum propelledthem both to the floor and Debbie ended up on her back withthe masked man lying atop her. “Well done Z” chortled the larger of his companions “needany help with the seven stone monster there”“Fuck you X” was Z’s snappy replyDebbie was frozen in fear as Z’s weight pressed her intothe floor. Z himself could not help but appreciate Debbie’sbreasts as they pushed against his own chest, nor couldhe fail to smell the intoxicating perfume she wore. Thisis perhaps enough to explain why his penis began to hardenand poke into the beautiful woman who lay helpless beneathhim. Debbie herself could feel his hardness, a harder cockthan she had been privileged to feel since her marriageand although she was still terrified she felt a long absenttingling in her nipples.“Get her up” said the other companion. Z reluctantly rosepulling Debbie up with him. Twisting her arm behind herhe forced her forward and the trio went into the mansion’slarge foyer at the foot of the stairs. “Did you bring a gun in your pocket Z?” inquired X referringto the erection that was noticeably jutting out againstthe crotch of Z’s pants. X had his first chance to observethe beautiful woman responsible for Z’s ‘discomfort’and he liked what he saw. Her robe did not sit as neatly asit had when she opened the door and it now exposed an invitingview of her tanned cleavage. A toned leg also stuck out ofthe satin garment giving a hint of the shaven pussy it ledto. “Damn, she is a hot one” he said reaching out and caressingDebbie’s long silken brunette curls. “Don’t touch her” barked the third assailant who was clearlythe leader “not yet anyway” he added in a softer more menacingvoice. “If you want to get out of tonight unharmed you’dbetter take us to your husband and tell him to cooperate.Well where is he?” he added after a pause in which Debbietrembled, her head swimming.“He’s… he’s up stairs” she stammered “in the bedroom”.
“Take us to him, and don’t try anything dumb” ordered theleader.With Z behind her still holding her arm in check, she ledthe trio toward her husband. Occasionally she would feelher captor’s hard cock brush her arse cheeks through thethin layer of satin that concealed them. To Debbie’s surpriseshe had to restrain herself from pushing her bubble buttback and grinding against Z’s rock hard cock.

The Home Invasion Part II

Conrad had continued to sleep oblivious in his post coitalrepose to the events downstairs and so was caught completelyunawares as he was pulled naked from his bed and his slumberby X the burly home invader.He squinted in the bedroom light at his wife being held bya masked man and another masked figure who stood impassivelywith arms folded next to the pair. “I guess money can’t buyyou everything” remarked the leader motioning to Conrad’sgroin. The trio laughed at Conrad’s shame and Debbie avoidedeye contact with her husband as she restrained her own laughter.Conrad was not a well endowed man at the best of times andthe shock of the situation combined with the cold nightair meant that his genitals resembled those of a young schoolboy.“Which one’s the woman?” added Z laughing along with X whoheld the humiliated Conrad fast in a half nelson grip. Debbiefelt bad for enjoying her high and mighty spouse being emasculatedin front of her but she couldn’t help it.“Okay that’s enough” said the leader “You know why we’rehere?” he said to Conrad who slowly nodded and looked atthe floor. “Then where is it?”“If I tell you I’m a dead man” Conrad replied. Debbie wishedshe knew what on earth they were talking about. She oftenwondered about the source of some of Conrad’s money andalarm bells were now sounding in her mind.“Well, that may be so but something a lot worse is gonna happenif you don’t” the leader retorted. “Z.” he commanded.Z pushed Debbie forward bending her roughly over the bed.Memories of her misspent youth flooded back to Debbie asher pussy began to moisten. Z paused and turned to his leader“Boss?” he queried. “Nothing to say to us?” asked the boss“okay” he said dismissively and with a casual wave of hishand set Z to work.